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Qiwi is a Russian payment service provider founded in Moscow in 2007 and headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Qiwi is publicly traded and is served worldwide, but major territories of activity for Qiwi are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the U.S. and the UAE. The Qiwi wallet is strongly interested in blockchain technology and its development. The latest Qiwi news, like plans of opening a blockchain academy and the creation of a blockchain development-focused subsidiary, indicate that the company aims to become one of the main blockchain companies in countries of the post-Commonwealth of Independent States. Qiwi will work on cryptocurrency education, financing, development and consulting. A diversified approach to the blockchain industry may help Qiwi to benefit from technology and become an important fintech enterprise in the future.
A subsidiária da provedora russa de serviços de pagamento Qiwi lançou o primeiro banco de investimento cripto no país para administrar ICOs, de acordo com notíc...
Media: Provedor de Pagamentos Qiwi lança ""primeiro" banco de investimento cripto na Rússia
Helen Partz
FT informa que o conselheiro econômico de Putin acredita que o CryptoRuble ajudará a Rússia a superar as sanções, enquanto outras autoridades do governo russo n...
Assessor de Putin diz: 'CryptoRuble' evitará sanções. Governo permanece dividido.
Olivia Capozzalo
Uma 'Academia Blockchain’ está chegando à Rússia, criada pela carteira de transferências QIW...
Carteira QIWI Traz "Academia Blockchain" Privada para a Rússia em Outubro
William Suberg

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