ICON is a cryptocurrency platform designed to connect various Blockchains by allowing them to interact with each other via smart contracts. Developers define ICON as an attempt to build one global decentralized network that will embrace all the others. The best definition of ICON is a “Blockchain of Blockchains”.

ICON has a lot of unique features not common to the other projects. ICON uses artificial intelligence for its distribution policies, offers a decentralized exchange by linking independent Blockchains with its token, ICX, and delivers a platform for constructing new DAPPS (decentralized applications). IICON allows separate communities to co-exist in ICON’s network, saving their own consensus protocol. Those users have the same as rights and a vote in deciding the adjustments of ICON transaction policies any other user of the network.

De acordo com o conhecido analista de criptomoedas, quase todos os projetos que não são o Bitcoin vão valer zero.
'99,9% das altcoins vão valer zero' afirma analista Steve Burns
Rafael Ferreira
A Icon anunciou que está distribuindo cerca de US$ 570.000 em seus tokens nativos para promover a participação dos eleitores na votação
Icon anuncia doação de US$ 570.000 em tokens para promover votação descentralizada
Max Boddy
A Line Plus anunciou uma parceria com a plataforma cripto e blockchain ICON para desenvolver dApps e a mainnet blockchain da Line.
Subsidiária da gigante coreana de pesquisas Naver lança venture de Blockchain para apps descentralizados
Molly Jane Zuckerman

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