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Bruce Fenton is a Bitcoin activist, investor, the CEO at Chainstone Labs/Atlantic Financial, host of Satoshi Roundtable, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation and a founding member of the Bitcoin Association — an industry advocacy group. Bruce Fenton’s net worth remains unknown. Nevertheless, getting involved with Bitcoin at its early stages, he has invested in many crypto startups and tokens and has become a board member in multiple blockchain financial firms. Prior to Bitcoin, Bruce Fenton had specialized in emerging technologies and emerging markets — serving as an advisor to large government funds, investment firms, high net worth individuals and charitable organizations. Bruce Fenton is frequently invited to be a speaker at related conferences and meetings.
Bruce Fenton entrega o que parece ser um voto de não confiança no fork SegWit2x.
Benefícios do hard fork SegWit2x do Bitcoin não são visíveis: Bruce Fenton
William Suberg
Apesar do boom do Bitcoin na grande mídia, ele é menos aceito pelas lojas de varejo online, ...
Varejistas Viram as Costas para o Boom do Bitcoin: Revista Comercial
Darryn Pollock

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